VendorPanel for tenders and high-value procurement

Wentworth Shire Council is pleased to announce a significant upgrade in its procurement processes, with the transition to the VendorPanel platform for tenders and high-value procurement in early 2024. This move marks a commitment to streamline and modernize the procurement experience for both Council and its valued suppliers.

Key Changes:

  • Effective early 2024, Wentworth Shire Council will no longer accept paper and emailed tenders. The transition to VendorPanel ensures a more efficient and transparent procurement process.
  • Suppliers (new and existing) who are not currently using the VendorPanel platform are encouraged to sign up.
  • Existing Suppliers on Council’s Supplier Panel Contracts and Approved Supplier lists will receive invitations to join these lists. Accepting these invites is crucial for continued collaboration with Council.

Registration Process:

  • Identify your business’s primary contact: choose an appropriate email address (e.g.
  • Visit the VendorPanel Marketplace:
  • Select the Best Category: Search and select the most suitable category for your business within the platform.
  • Complete Your Profile: Click on the link you receive via email to complete your profile, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information is completed.
  • Invite Additional Users: Enhance collaboration by inviting additional users as colleagues within your VendorPanel profile.

VendorPanel Links

Wentworth Shire Council believes that this transition will not only improve the efficiency of procurement processes but also foster stronger partnerships with suppliers.

By embracing VendorPanel, Council aims to create a more accessible and streamlined platform for businesses to engage in procurement opportunities.