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Wentworth is truly one of Australia’s great meeting places. Why? 

For thousands of years local Aboriginal people have been meeting for corroborees and ceremony. Wentworth was one of Australia’s busiest ports during the paddlesteamer era of the late 1800s and the great rivers of the Murray and Darling join as one here.

Wentworth is considered the gateway to Outback NSW, and is situated on the junction of the Murray and Darling Rivers in south­western New South Wales. Mildura, on the Victorian side of the Murray, is our nearest main town and we’re only 280km from Broken Hill. Wentworth Shire is a region of great diversity and it offers you the opportunity to experience an introduction to Outback Australia.

When you have such great river and land forces working towards one rare and special landscape you know it’s an experience like no other.

The outback town of Wentworth retains many historic buildings, including the Old Gaol, the Courthouse, the old Convent / Schoolhouse buildings and the Customs House. Junction Island is the name given to the sandy shoal between the two rivers. In the area you’ll find a series of special remnants of Aboriginal occupation and a landscape rich in flora, wildlife and birdlife.

Wentworth 60th Great Flood Rally Swamped with Success

The organising committee of the 2016 Great Flood Rally said the weekend was a huge success for both businesses and people visiting Wentworth, with some local businesses commenting that they were just as busy on the Sunday as the Saturday, even though Sunday was a rainy day.

The festivities for rally participants started with Over 260 guests and tractor rally entrants enjoying a beautiful Welcome Dinner catered by the Bowls & Tennis Sporting Complex committee. 

The attractions, held over the two days, reported great patronage at the Meet the Makers at the Town Hall, the Fashion Parade at the Sporting complex and record crowds at the Rotary Markets and many displays at the Wharf Lawns.

Potential buyers stood in the rain on Sunday, during the auction of Rob Bast’s chain-saw sculptures of a pelican, kookaburra, wedge tailed eagles, Fergie tractor, owl and a Murray cod, with proceeds going back to the 60th Great Flood Rally committee.  

A highlight of the two day event was the re-enactment of the tractor driver “ordering a pint at the bar” of the Royal Hotel in 1956, after the peak of the flood had passed and the waters started to recede.  Don Erskine, from Bendigo, the son of Mr Ken Erskine who was the man that drove the Fergie into the Royal Hotel and Wentworth local Peter Atkinson, the son of the publican of the Royal Hotel at the time in 1956, were proud to re-enact the incident in memory of their fathers and of the actual historic event.  Don Erskine’s sister, Pat McDermott from Irymple, also attended the re-enactment.

Cathryn Dawes, Secretary of the 60th Great Flood Rally, said “there is always a lot of behind the scene organising which goes into putting an event like this together. Volunteers are a crucial element of making this event the success it was, so a BIG thankyou to all involved.”

Special thanks to the Major Sponsors Wentworth & District Community Bank®and Wentworth Shire Council.  Also to our other generous sponsors, companies and community based organisations who have come forward to support and make this event possible.

The committee is very interested in collecting images taken over the weekend from the public, to make a small collection available for people who have asked for photos and also to have on the 60th Great Flood Rally file.  This will be very much appreciated.  These images can be emailed to Cathryn Dawes, Secretary, 03 5027 5080 or 0427 334 291 for any enquiries.