The road to recovery

The Murray River is slowly dropping in Wentworth Shire Council however rises in the Darling River are still expected over the coming weeks.

Please be advised that roads and other sites will only be able to reopen when Council officers are able to assess the safety and potential damage that may result.

Roads may take weeks and in certain cases months to re-open to road users, dependant on the extent of debris clean-up, emergency repair works and level of inundation suffered. Roads closures for heavy vehicle access may still be in place for longer duration to prevent road damage as a result of sodden pavements.

We ask for road users to plan ahead and avoid flood affected areas and roads whilst the recovery phase progresses.

To keep up to date with road and other site closures in our Shire impacted by the flood event, please visit

Please remember to obey road closure signage, drive with caution and to NEVER drive through flood water.

Please be advised as we move into the recovery phase there will be a high volume of requests for the re-opening of roads. Your patience will be greatly appreciated.

To view the latest river levels and flow rates for the Lower Darling, visit