Telephone clinics for Aboriginal Legal Aid

Unfortunately due to the current COVID conditions in Victoria, the Civil Law Service for Aboriginal Communities (Legal Aid NSW) is going to hold telephone advice clinics instead of in-person visits at Dareton & Wentworth next week.

The dates for these telephone clinics are:

•             Dareton – Wednesday 9 June from 10am to 2pm

•             Wentworth – Thursday 10 June from 10am to 2pm

The service will be available to discuss a range of legal matters including:

•             Stolen Generations Reparations

•             Fines, debts and loans

•             Problems with funeral insurance

•             Centrelink

•             Housing – rent, repairs and evictions

•             NDIS

•             Victims compensation

•             COVID-19 related issues

•             Other everyday legal issues.

Any Aboriginal community members are encouraged to refer to the service’s phone advice line should they need civil law advice.

This can be done by calling the Civil Law Service for Aboriginal Communities on 1800 793 017 or 02 9219 5057, or by emailing us at