Road Rules Awareness Week (21-27 March)

Since 2013, Road Rules Awareness Week has given all road users – driverspedestriansmotorcyclistspassengers and bicycle riders – the chance to improve their knowledge of the NSW road rules.

Transport NSW promotes the rules that have the biggest impact on reducing road trauma, highlight the most misunderstood road rules, and provide an opportunity for road users to have their questions answered.

You can read more about the commitment to improving safety on the state’s roads on the Towards Zero website, and find graphics, quizzes and animations posted on the NSW Road Safety Facebook page.

Top 10 misunderstood road rules in NSW

1 – Roundabouts

2 – Pedestrians

3 – Mobile Phones

4 – Merging

5 – Keeping Left

6 – Headlights

7 – U-turns

8 – Safe following distances

9 – School zones

10 – Yellow traffic lights