Building / Construction Certificate

When is a Construction Certificate required?

A Construction Certificate is required after development consent has been granted and before any building works have commenced.

A Construction Certificate is used to verify that the plans and specifications submitted with the application comply with the relevant standards and are consistent with the terms of the development consent.

What is an Infrastructure Protection Bond?

Any development that is $25,000 and over and is adjacent to a public road requires an Infrastructure Protection Permit and payment of a refundable infrastructure bond. 

The infrastructure bond covers any damage done to the road, kerb, gutter, nature strip, drains and other services. Any damage attributed to removal/demolition or construction works which is not reinstated at the end of the building process will be carried out at the owner’s expense and withdrawn from the infrastructure bond and the balance refunded. 

The condition in your development application / complying development certificate states that works are not to commence prior to issue of this permit. 

When can I get my Refundable Infrastructure Bond back?

Once all building works have been completed and your Principal Certifier has issued an Occupation Certificate, you can apply to Council by using the Request for Final Inspection and Refund of Infrastructure Protection Bond Form. This can be located under Application Forms.