NSW SES Flood Update 2 March 2023

Flood update from NSW SES at 2:13pm on 2 March 2023



The NSW SES advises people in the following area(s) to MONITOR CONDITIONS of the minor
flooding on the Darling River:

  • Burtundy and surrounds
  • Pomona
  • Ellerslie
  • Great Darling Anabranch

You should monitor conditions by checking warnings issued by NSW SES on their website and Facebook page, listening to your local ABC radio station, and following the latest weather information from the Bureau of Meteorology online.

The Bureau of Meteorology advises minor flooding continues at Burtundy.

Current and predicted flows in the Darling River are not likely to cause river level rises at Wentworth.
The Darling River at Burtundy is currently at 7.01 metres and falling, with minor flooding.
The Darling River at Burtundy is likely to remain above the minor flood level (6.10 metres) through to mid March.

Based on predictions from the Bureau of Meteorology, the following areas may be impacted by floodwaters:

  • Burtundy
  • Pomona
  • Ellerslie
  • Great Darling Anabranch
  • Local roads. causeways, culverts and bridges may be flooded
  • Some rural properties may become isolated by floodwaters.

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