NSW Government launches Stand for Your Community – Diversity Counts campaign

The NSW Government is encouraging people from all walks of life to stand for their community and run for their council election as part of a new campaign to increase diversity in local government.

The Stand for Your Community – Diversity Counts campaign aims to increase the number of candidates from under-represented groups at the September 4 council elections.

The social media campaign is targeting women, younger people, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents, and members of multicultural communities.

Increasing Indigenous representation in local government helps ensure Aboriginal culture, heritage and beliefs are taken into account when councils make important decisions for their local communities.

It is paramount that our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities have a seat at the decision-making table in the level of government closest to the community.

The NSW Government is also determined to close the gender gap in the local government sector.

Fewer than a third of the State’s 1,300 councils are women and that’s why we must do all we can to increase female representation in local government.

Our local councils must also reflect our culturally diverse communities which bring many benefits to NSW.

It’s important that this rich heritage and the views of our culturally diverse communities are heard in the local government decision-making process and that councils continue to play a key role in social cohesion and harmony.

Our councils also need young blood, with just four per cent of councillors aged under 30.