Wentworth Shire Council are excited to collaborate with Sunraysia Daily in celebration of their 100 years Centenary. It is a unique opportunity to reflect on the past, whilst keeping our eyes firmly fixed on the future. We have a united community, with a pioneering spirit that enables us to meet challenges head on.

Wentworth is located at the junction of the Darling and Murray Rivers and is our region’s oldest settlement, named after William Charles Wentworth on the 21 June 1859.

Proclaimed a municipality on 23 January 1879 and becoming a Shire on 1 January 1957, Wentworth Shire covers an area of 2,616.926 hectares and includes the towns of Wentworth, Buronga, Gol Gol, Dareton, Curlwaa and Pooncarie.

Throughout the prosperous river trade days, Wentworth Shire suffered extremes in fortune and despair. Floods, droughts, rabbit plagues, to name a few have tested our community. Nonetheless, we have continued to thrive and grow at a rapid pace.

Wentworth Shire is a very different region to what it was 100 years go, and we have seen many changes and overcome many challenges.

As  your  Mayor,  I  invite  you  to  join  us  on  this  journey  of  self-reflection  and discovery.

Cr Melisa Hederics Mayor

Wentworth Shire