Aerodrome Fees and Charges (PDF)

AerodromeUnit of MeasureFee (Including GST)GST
Airport Landing Charge (ALC)Per tonne$1610%
Aircraft Parking Charge (APC) – short termPer day or part
Aircraft Parking Charge (APC) – long termPer month$23110%
Aircraft Parking Charge (APC) – Non Lease/Apron/Tie Down AreasPer day or par
Training Aerodrome Circuits (TAC) – Day RatePer hour$3810%
Training Aerodrome Circuits (TAC) – Night RatePer hour$5710%
Airside Supervision Charge (ASC) – Business HoursPer ARO$11610%
Airside Supervision Charge (ASC) – After HoursPer ARO$16810%
Airside Environmental Charge (AEC) – Minimum Charge$23310%
Aircraft Hanger Charge (AHC) – NewPer yearTBD10%
Aircraft Hanger Charge (AHC) – Kevin J Thomas HangerPer year$153310%
Call Out Fee (COF) – minimum 2 hour chargePer hour$11610%
Vehicle Parking Charge (VPC)Per day or part day$310%