Flood Update – Important Information

Wentworth Levee Banks

Wentworth Levee Banks have been patrolled and checked by relieving SES Crews. This process has reassured Council of the structural integrity of the levee bank in protecting the town for the proposed flood level of 34.00 AHD.

Levee bank crest is approximately 1.4m higher than that.  

Water & Sewer

Sewer systems in all towns are working as per normal, no issues have been identified.

There is no need for concern around sewer back-flush.

Water Quality

Our filtered water is showing odour and discoloration however although it is unsightly, water quality remains compliant with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. This is likely to be an issue for some time.

Traffic Management

No cars should enter or go near flood waters. Road closure signs must be adhered to. They are there for a very good reason. 

Do not travel through flood waters,  including water flowing over roadways, under any circumstances. 

Your safety is our main concern. Please be assured that the above information is based on the most recent investigations.