What happens if I don't?



Owners can be fined if they fail to comply with the laws. See the current fine rates below.



Animal not microchipped


Animal not registered as required


Dog without collar and tags (See separate fines for dangerous, restricted or menacing dogs)


Dog not on lead in a public place


Dog in prohibited place


Failure to remove dog droppings


Dog harasses, chases or attacks a person or animal


Cat in prohibited places


Cat not wearing identification


Failure to notify change of address/change of owner


Failure to take seized animal to pound/shelter


Fines between $275 and $880 apply if a cat or dog is the subject of complaints and the owner fails to provide a solution.

Under the law  councils also have the power to impound a cat or dog that attacks a person or another animal. The act also includes very specific rules for owners of restricted breeds and dogs that are declared dangerous. Breaches of these rules can result in fines of up to $1,760.