Clean-up of Disaster Debris and Waste for residential properties

Wentworth Shire Council continues to support residents impacted by the 2022-2023 floods, with funding arrangements underway to assist those in the clean-up phase. Following assessments, the property will have the provision of a skip bin to load waste into, to be collected at a later date.

NSW Reconstruction Authority and Wentworth Shire Council will be introducing an assessment process for residential properties to clean-up disaster debris & waste – to make homes safe, habitable and accessible.

Individual property assessment

If your residential property was directly impacted by flood waters, you may be eligible for the clean-up program. Wentworth Shire Council will assess properties individually, prior to skip bin deliveries, to assess flood related debris and waste items.

To assist with property assessments, we ask residential customers to register their details, including:

  • The property address of your residence
  • Areas of your property that were impacted by flood waters
  • The type/s of debris and waste to be collected

Where possible, please supply photographs of debris and waste and the locations of impacted areas.

Types of debris and waste that are eligible for collection

  • Event related debris such as mud, damaged furniture and white goods
  • Spoiled perishable food items
  • Building material debris such as tiles, bricks, roof sheeting and broken glass
  • Trees removed by State Emergency Service members (or equivalent) which impacted the safe access to a house

Types of debris and waste that are NOT eligible for collection

  • horticultural plantings
  • dead trees and shrubs

Be prepared

To prepare for the clean-up program, residential customers can prepare by doing the following:

  • Register your details on the form below
  • Separate your debris and waste where possible into individual piles for collection

Further updates and collection schedules will be announced in due course.

Clean-up of Disaster Waste and Debris – Assessment Form

Under the joint Australian Government-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements 2018 (DRFA), assistance may be provided to support disaster declared NSW communities.

Councils in Local Governments Areas (LGA) may be able to access DRFA, if they have been impacted by a declared natural disaster and the work required to support the community recovery is eligible.

The assessment is to evaluate the requirements for the removal of disaster related debris from residential properties to make it safe, habitable and accessible, preventing displacement of the resident.

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Part 1: Application Information

If entering a land-line phone, enter the area code. For example: (03) 5027 5027 OR 03 5027 5027