Darling River – Environmental Flush Event

The NSW Government flush of 45-50 GL from the upper Menindee Lakes through the lower Darling River commenced on 29 May to help clear the current infestation of blue-green algae impacting local communities.

Discharge at the Darling River at Weir 32 and Great Darling Anabranch offtake gauging stations is increasing. No increase in flow at Pooncarie as yet.

Community assistance required

In addition to river water quality monitoring, DCCEEW are requesting daily images from landowners along the Darling River over the next three week period to assist with confirming the effectiveness of the flush trial and aid in the reporting of daily water quality testing.

Council encourages community members residing or with ready access to the Darling River to photograph the state of the river and algal blooms.  Photographers will need to ensure that images are taken at the same location at approximately the same time each day. Images with details of the photographer and exact location along the Darling River can be sent via email to water.enquiries@dpie.nsw.gov.au

For more information, view the community update and WaterNSW Media Release below or visit Northern to southern Basin environmental flow protection trial

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