Changes to waterways in Wentworth Shire
Please be advised Elecnor Australia (formerly SecureEnergy) will be stringing transmission lines across the Darling River in the Wentworth Shire as part of Project EnergyConnect – one of Australia’s largest transmission lines project.

The construction activity is scheduled to occur from mid-February to mid March 2024 and will be located between Lower Darling Road and Ellerslie Road, Wentworth.

The subcontractor, AusBarge Marine Services, will be undertaking waterway traffic management including signage and managing the patrol vessel in the water.

An exclusion zone will be established 50m in the water on either side of the worksite.

The works have been approved by Transport for NSW Maritime. On completion, mandated signage warning of overhead electrical cables will be erected.

For more information on Maritime Safety head to Installation of power lines over the Darling River | NSW Government

For any enquiries contact the EnergyConnect project on 1800 49 06 66