Broken Hill to host a Getting Women Elected forum

Broken Hill City Council will be hosting a free Australian Local Government’s Women’s Association forum on Friday 11 June 2021 at 4:00pm.

These forums are currently being held for member councils across NSW for potential women candidates.

The forum is run by ALGWA Executive members, with input from female councillors from the host council.

The commencement of the forum includes a welcome speech by the host council Mayor, followed by the first half of the presentation by ALGWA.

Half-way through there will be a short break, before the final part of the presentation.

A Q&A will follow at the conclusion of the presentation.

ALGWA requires all attendees to fill in a feedback form.

The content will cover the current climate across NSW in local government, particularly a snapshot of female representation and the steps involved in running as a candidate for local government.

It will also involve discussion of the lives experiences of councillors in the ALGWA executive from all walks of life.

Potential attendees can register for the in-person or online forum at