Blue-Green Algae warnings remain for lower Darling and Murray rivers

A Red Alert for Blue Green Algae remains current for the lower Darling River downstream from Menindee Lakes to Burtundy.

Dense surface scums tend to be spatially variable and estimated to be 300 to 500 m in length and comprised predominantly of Microcystis.

Weekly monitoring is occurring along the lower Darling River and algal monitoring has also been instigated at Menindee Lakes.

A Red Alert also remains current for the lower Murray River (Colignan to Merbein).

Due to the re-emergency of surface scums at Wentworth Weir and elevated cell counts this week the high alert warning was extended and now includes the downstream section of the river from Merbein to Wentworth Weir.

Cell growth rates are likely to be moderated over the coming week due to improved hydrological conditions.

The daily mean river discharge at Colignan is 10,999 ML/Day and represents a 30% increase in streamflow over the past 10 days.

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