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Road Condition Report

Current Status of Council's Closed Unsealed Roads

Only Roads that are Closed or those that carry Cautions are listed here.

A map of local roads that may be subject to closure can be found here

Road name Status Comments
POONCARIE/MENINDEE ROAD (from end of bitumen)Closed  



Council reviews unsealed road conditions daily. Updates are also available by phoning (03) 5027 5090. This Unsealed Road Condition Report will be re-issued only when unsealed road conditions change.

Persons driving on closed roads will be subject to fines and may be charged for any works necessary to rectify damage.

To be included on the list of recipients for this report please contact or phone: (03) 5027 5027

Status of NSW Roads

Live Road Status Updates

Australian Road Conditions Report (RACQ)

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