Council has invested over $2.4million in redeveloping the Midway Centre. The expanded Midway Centre includes a larger stadium area, a new function room, several meeting rooms, short-term office accommodation and a new Customer Service Centre/Library which will replace the existing Buronga library.

When considering each of the individual areas on offer at the Midway Centre it is easy to see that the venue will now service a wide range of users. 

The potential of the Midway Centre as a conference and event facility is exciting, particularly when the Stadium, Function Centre and Meeting areas are combined. This provides the opportunity for the Wentworth Shire to host large conferences, with a separate meal service area and multiple break out rooms.

Alternatively the combined stadium and function area provides a premier reception facility for large formal functions such as weddings.

Further information is available in the brochure here
A number of seating configurations are possible as detailed here:

Other Venues for Hire across Wentworth Shire Council


Buronga - Midway Centre, 6 Midway Drive        

□   Midway Centre Office 1

□   Midway Centre Office 2

□   Midway Centre Meeting Room 1

□   Midway Centre Meeting Room 2                                                                        

□   Midway Service Centre Office 1

□   Midway Service Centre Office 2

□   Midway Service Centre Craft Room

Wentworth - Civic Centre, 61 Darling Street                                                                      

□   Civic Centre Meeting Room 1                                                                               

□   Civic Centre Meeting Room 2                                                                               

□   Civic Centre Meeting Room 3                                                                               


□   Community Meeting Room, Short Street

□   Town Hall Supper Room

□   Visitor Information Centre, Memorial Room

□   Visitor Information Centre, Great Hall



□   Anabranch Hall                                                                                    

□   Carramar Drive Sporting Complex Pavilion, Gol Gol                               

□   Midway Function Room, Buronga                                                                 

□   Midway Centre Stadium / Plenary Room, Buronga                                

□   Pomona Hall

□   Pooncarie Hall

□   Wentworth Town Hall



□   Carramar Drive (Alcheringa), Gol Gol

□   Curlwaa

□   George Gordon Oval, Dareton

□   McLeod Oval, Wentworth




□   Wetlands


□   Sturt Park

□   Tapio Park


□   Recreation Park

Gol Gol

□   James King Park


□   Multi-purpose Reserve

□   Racecourse


□   Fotherby Park

□   Junction Park

□   Perry Sandhills

□   Rowing Club Area

□   Wharf



□   Wentworth Showgrounds

□   Dog Show Arena



□   PS Ruby, Paddle Boat

For availability, fees, terms and conditions for any of these venues, please contact our Customer Service Team on (03) 5027 5027 or email: council@wentworth.nsw.gov.au or alternatively fill out our initial booking form & submit.