Public Exhibition

Council will often place documents or policies on public exhibition.  These documents can be reviewed at Council's offices located in Adelaide Street, Wentworth, on this page, or alternatively at various locations as identified.  If no documents are listed on this page, there may be no public exhibition at present. Contact Council on (03) 5027 5027 for more information.

Public exhibition - Draft Code of Meeting Practice

11 Feb 2019 11:30 AM -

Councils are required to adopt a code of meeting practice that incorporates the mandatory provisions of the Model Meeting Code prescribed by the Regulation. A council’s adopted meeting code must not contain provisions that are inconsistent with the mandatory provisions.

A council’s adopted meeting code may also incorporate the non-mandatory provisions of the Model Meeting Code and any other supplementary provisions adopted by the council.
Councils and committees of councils of which all the members are councillors must conduct their meetings in accordance with the code of meeting practice adopted by the council.
Wentworth Shire Council's draft Code of Meeting Practice has been endorsed by Council for Public Exhibition.

The draft Code of Meeting Practice will be on Public Exhibition from 09/02/19 to 10/03/19.  

Copies of the document can be viewed at Council's main administration office, Adelaide Street Wentworth; the Civic Centre in Darling Street Wentworth or the Midway Service Centre in Buronga/ Gol Gol.  

Comments and submissions on the draft Code of Meeting Practice are to be  submitted in writing, and sent via email to and must be received by close of business on 01/04/2019.


Classification of Land

In accordance with Section 34 & 31 (2) of the Local Government Act 1993 (LGA) Wentworth Shire Council hereby gives notice of a proposed resolution to classify the land described in the following Schedule as Operational, acquired within the meaning of Part 2 Chapter 6 of the LGA.


Legal Description



Lot 97 DP 756946


    Raw Water Reservoir

Submissions may be made in writing to the General Manager, Wentworth Shire Council, PO Box 81, Wentworth NSW 2648 or by email by 5pm Wednesday 16 March 2019, quoting acquisition Lot 97 DP 756946.

Enquiries to Kathy Collinson, Reserves and Acquisitions Officer (03) 5027 5027.