Council Policy Listing

Please note:- while every effort is made to ensure that the current version of each policy is uploaded to the website, the information can only be relied on if the policy is verified by the General Manager as being the most recently adopted policy of council.   

Acknowledgement to Country - CC004 Council Policy dealing with the agreed protocol for the acknowledgement of the traditional custodians.

Amalgamations & Boundary Changes - SP001 Council Policy dealing with Council’s approach to amalgamations and boundary changes.

Annual Staff Excellence Awards - WR001 Council Policy to set guidelines for the annual staff excellence awards.

Asbestos Management Policy and Plan - CC009 Council Policy dealing with the management of asbestos within the Wentworth Shire Council local government area.

Asset Accounting Policy - AF018 Council Policy providing guidance in complying with accounting standards to classify the non-current assets of council.

Asset Disposal Policy - GOV006 Council Policy for the open and transparent disposal of assets deemed surplus to Council’s needs.

Asset Management Policy - AF016 Council Policy setting guidelines for implementing systematic practices and coordinated activities to optimally manage Council assets as per the direction provided from the Community Strategic Plan.

Automated External Defibrillators - WR008 Council Policy for the provision and installation of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) at Council fixed sites.

Borrowings & Overdraft - AF015 Council Policy outlining the circumstances in which council may consider borrowings or other financial accommodation to fund the acquisition, renewal or construction of specified assets and to provide guidance as to the appropriate terms of any such borrowings.

Capital Contributions Toward Sporting Facilities and Community - AF009 Council Policy to ensure the payment of capital contributions towards sporting facilities are paid prior to commencement of work.

Cemetery and Memorial Management Policy - PR014 Council Policy for the management of cemeteries and memorials within the Wentworth Shire Council Local Government Area (LGA).

Code of Conduct - GOV020 Council Policy (based on the Model Code of Conduct for local councils in NSW) setting the minimum standards of conduct for council officials.

Code of Meeting Practice - GOV018 Council Policy (based on the Model Code of Meeting Practice for Local Councils in NSW) applies to all meetings of council and committees of council of which all the members are councillors (committees of council).

Complaint Management Policy - GOV012 Council Policy outlining how complaints will be r responded, recorded and reported.

Contaminated Lands Policy - PR013 Council Policy outlining the requirements relating to the use and / or development of land that is or may be contaminated.

Contractor Occupational Health and Safety Management - WR004 Council Policy establishing the WHS requirements for the selection engagement and control of contractors and service providers.

Council Charter and Values - GOV014 Council Policy containing the charter and values of Council.

Councillor & Staff Interaction - GOV011 Council Policy governing councillor and staff interactions.

Debt Recovery - AF014 Council Policy outlining clear and appropriate debt recovery procedures which will be undertaken by WSC.

Deferred Payment Arrangements - AF001 Council Policy dealing with developer contributions and the arrangements that can be entered into for deferred payment.

Delegated Authority - GOV009 Council Policy outlining the delegation of powers and functions from Council to the Mayor and Council to the General Manager.

Designated Officers of Council Policy - WR007 Council Policy establishing Designated Officers within the staffing structure of Council.

Development Guidelines- Agricultural Buffers Urban Land/Rural Land - PR001 Council Policy outlining development guidelines for Agricultural Buffers Urban Land/Rural Land

Diverse Communities Policy - CC005 Council Policy to implement the principles of multiculturalism throughout the organisation.

Donations, Contributions and Grants Policy - AF003 Council Policy outlining the way in which Council contributes money or grants financial assistance.

Employment Provisions Policy - WR002 Council Policy outlining the employment provisions that are provided to employees, and more particularly, clearly highlights any variations or additional considerations to entitlements that are provided under the award.

Enforcement & Prosecution of Local Orders Policy - PR008 Council Policy establishing a framework for enforcement and prosecution activities in respect to breaches of legislation administered by Council.

Enterprise Wide Risk Management Policy - GOV013 Council Policy outlining an enterprise wide approach to Risk Management within the

Fencing and Grids - PR012 Council Policy for the replacement, maintenance, removal and fencing of grids within the Shire

Finance For Future Growth - AF002 Council Policy for the administration of section 94 Developer contributions.

Flood Liable Land - PR006 Council Policy that deals with minor structures, building and developments on the floodplain.

Fraud Control - GOV003 Council Policy dealing with prevention of and action to be taken when fraud is detected.

Gifts and Benefits Policy - GOV001 Council Policy outlining the regulations and guidelines in relation to Council officials (including staff) receiving or accepting gifts or benefits.

Hardship Policy - AF013 Council Policy outlining the circumstances in which Council will provide assistance to ratepayers suffering substantial financial hardship

Internal Reporting System - GOV004 Council Policy providing an internal reporting system for the reporting of disclosures of corrupt conduct, maladministration or serious and substantial waste of public money by Wentworth Shire Council or its staff.

Investment Policy - AF004 Council Policy guiding the investment of Council funds.

Keeping of Animals at Residential Properties - PR015 Council Policy to control the type and number of animals that can be kept within various planning zones within the Shire.

Kerbing & Guttering & Footpaths - PR010 Council Policy to establish ratepayer contributions towards cost of paving, kerbing and guttering.

Levee Bank Easement Policy - PR007 Council Policy identifying the obligations of Council, landowners and the public in relation to the registered levees throughout the Shire.

Liquid Trade Waste Policy - PR009 Council Policy setting out how council will regulate sewerage and trade waste discharges to its sewerage system in accordance with the NSW Framework for Regulation of Sewerage and Trade Waste (section 3.1 on page 16)

Media Statements - CC002 Council Policy governing media statements and press releases.

Mobile Food Vending Vehicle Policy - PR016 Council Policy guiding the approval for outdoor, high quality food vending activities.

Mooring Sites - PR011 Council Policy providing the framework for the assessment of mooring site applications

Payment of Expenses & Provision of Facilities - GOV010 Council Policy outlining the payment of expenses and the provision of facilities to the mayor and the other councillors in relation to discharging the functions of civic office.

Plant Replacement Policy - AF005 Council Policy dealing with the expected useful life and replacement schedule of Council’s plant items.

Privacy Management Policy - GOV007 Council Policy for the responsible handling of personal information.

Private Works Policy - AF006 Council Policy outlining the way in which public can hire Council's plant and equipment items for private purposes

Procurement Policy - GOV005 Council Policy providing a framework which will assist Wentworth Shire Council to obtain best value for our community through effective, responsible and transparent procurement methods which comply with relevant legislation and the Code of

Protocol Guidelines for the flying of Flags - CC003 Council Policy containing guidelines for the flying of flags on Wentworth Shire Council premises.

Public access to information held by Council - GOV008 Council Policy to describe Council's principles regarding public access to information and to facilitate the processing of requests for such access.

Radioactive Waste Policy - PR002 Council Policy declaring council's opposition to dumping radioactive waste.

Rates - Reduction of Developer Costs - AF007 Council Policy to outline clear and appropriate procedures which will be undertaken by Wentworth Shire Council when rating unsold lots within a subdivision.

Rating - Sewerage Service Policy - AF008 Council Policy to outline clear and appropriate procedures which will be undertaken by Council when rating sewerage services

Related Party Disclosures Policy - GOV016 Council's Policy setting out how Council’s financial statements will comply with the disclosure requirements under the Australian Accounting Standard AASB 124 – Related Party Disclosures.

Staff Learning & Development - WR003 Council Policy for developing and providing appropriate training for staff.

Statement of Business Ethics - GOV019 Council Policy providing guidance for the private sector when entering into business arrangements with Wentworth Shire Council (WSC).

Stormwater Drainage - PR003 Council Policy relating to stormwater drainage.

Street Stalls and Raffle Stands - CC006 Council Policy to outline the approval process for community and charitable organisations wanting to carry out street stall activities for the purpose of raising funds.

Street Trees - CC008 Council Policy for requests for tree removal, maintenance or replacement and the planting of new trees within the Wentworth Shire Council area.

Subdivisions - Financial Development Incentives - AF010 Council Policy dealing with providing incentive for subdivisional development by way of minimising the working capital required to develop a subdivision.

Subdivisions - Water Right Transfer Policy - AF011 Council Policy to deal with providing secure water for future growth and development.

Swimming Pool Safety Policy - PR004 Council Policy to clearly identify the obligations of Council and the public in relation to the requirements applying to swimming pools as provided under the Swimming Pool Act and Regulations.

Tourism Signage - CC001 Council Policy in relation to tourism signage.

Use of Council Vehicles - AF017 Council Policy guiding the conditions under which staff and Councillors may use Council vehicles.

Use of Communication Devices - GOV002 Council Policy providing guidance for acceptable use of communication devices by Councillors & employees.

Volunteers - WR006 Council Policy to ensure that volunteers working at WSC have work that is safe, significant, fulfilling and are appreciated.

Water control & flood prone land - PR005 Council Policy guiding ground disposal of effluent and sullage waste on river banks and floodplains.

Weed Inspection Policy - PR017 Council Policy to define standards for the planning and conduct of weed inspections within the Wentworth Shire Local Council area.

Workplace Health and Safety - WR005 Council Policy to demonstrate council’s commitment to the provision of a physical & mentally healthy work environment, in accordance with the NSW legislative framework established under the WHS Act 2011, WHS Regulation 2017.

Writing Off Rates, Charges and Debt Policy - AF012 Council Policy is to fix an amount of rates and charges above which any individual rate or charge my bee written off only by resolution of Council.