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Australian Inland Botanic Gardens

PO BOX 2809, MILDURA. VIC. 3502.
Tel. (03) 5023 3612    Fax. (03) 5022 0012

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Situated in the Murray River, with 150 Ha of land is the Australian Inland Botanic Gardens. The AIBG is located on River Rd about 25 kms from Wentworth

A spectacular rose garden planted in a colour wheel is a highlight from October to May.


Arches of climbing roses flower around ‘windows’ to the gardens. The continued display of roses is mainly due to the volunteers who work every Wednesday morning during the flowering season, dead heading the spent blooms.

50 Ha has been established with plants from Europe, America, Africa and Asia all featured in landscaped beds on the southern slope whilst the hardy Australian plants cover the northern slope.

Another remarkable feature is the ‘WOW’ tree. This specimen of Eucalyptus oleosa, often called a Bull Mallee when it reaches this size, is extraordinary because it has been calculated to be approximately 2,500 years old. But not too old to be hugged by these primary students who visited the gardens to participate in our education service!

A Nature Trail reveals plants which are indigenous and a range of new Emu bushes (Eremophila species) have recently been planted. Birds of many sizes flit through the branches of the gum trees; you can take a brochure for a self guided walk through this area and see the “Mallee Fowl” nest.

A salt-tolerant stroll reveals the hardy native plants which are known as halophytic due to their ability to survive the saline conditions.

Many stunning vistas are revealed throughout the AIBG. Wear comfortable shoes and explore the many gardens.

For those who are unable to walk far a car magnet can be obtained from the Coffee shop allowing you to drive around the gardens.

Opening hours are 8am -4:30pm Monday – Friday, 10 am – 4:30pm Saturday and Sunday.

For more information please visit our website at or phone (03) 5023 3612

Location Map

The gardens are located on River Road approximately 5km from Buronga at Mourquong.

The nearest major centre is the City of Mildura which is located in the north west of Victoria, Australia.

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