The Future of the Wentworth Shire – OLG Consultation Begins

14 Sep 2016 4:35 PM -

The Office of Local Government (OLG), on Wednesday this week, confirmed with the General Manager that consultation sessions regarding the future of the Wentworth Shire Council would be held on 20 and 21 September.

General Manager Peter Kozlowski said that four consultation sessions are being arranged by the Department and that he understood a media release from the Minister would be issued in the next 24 hours.

The OLG’s consultation paper, which can be downloaded via Council’s website, was released just prior to the Council elections and is proposing a number of key changes for the eight Council’s in the Far West of the state.  If downloading the document presents a problem we will make copies available at the Shire Offices in Wentworth.

At this stage the OLG has scheduled meetings for Tuesday 20 September in Dareton and Wentworth and Wednesday 21 September in Wentworth and Gol Gol.  “Unfortunately the schedule clashes with Council’s Ordinary Council meeting on Wednesday 21 September.  However, we will try to work around these conflicts,” Mr Kozlowski said.

The General Manager went on to say that whilst notice of the consultations meetings was short residents are encouraged to attend one of the sessions run by the OLG.  More details will be issued as they become available from the OLG.