Make Road Safety Your Resolution for 2017

20 Jan 2017 11:15 AM -

We are all being urged to make road safety our New Year’s resolution with 384 people killed in NSW in 2016, 34 more than last year.

“The increase in the road toll is a tragedy after achieving the lowest road toll on record in 2014 at 307, we have now seen increases for two years in a row,” Centre for Road Safety Executive Director Bernard Carlon said.

“The increases have been the highest in the country regions with significant increases in fatigue related crashes and excessive speeding.”

The Wentworth Shire Council, advises that locally, there were 19 casualty crashes in Wentworth Shire resulting in 25 people being killed or injured in 2015. The crash data for 2016 is not yet confirmed.

However, comparing the 2016 state figures with the previous year:

·        Pedestrian deaths were up by 13 to 74

·        Younger driver deaths were up by 12 to 52

·        Middle aged driver deaths were up by 17 to 79

·        Pedal cycle deaths were down 2 to 5, which is the lowest ever recorded.

·        Female deaths were down 11 to 97

·        Deaths on country roads were up 30 to 227

 “We need the help of every single road user to take personal responsibility and make safe choices on and around our roads.

If you make one New Year’s resolution to keep yourself accountable in 2017, then let it be a commitment to making responsible decisions every time you get behind the wheel so you and the people you love get back home safely.

Some simple road safety resolution suggestions:

·        I won’t let my mate drive if he has a drink.

·        I will always make sure all my passengers have their seatbelts on before I start the car.

·        I will switch off my mobile before I drive.

·        I will take regular rest breaks on long drives.

·        When I set cruise control it will always be under the speed limit.

·        I will download the Speed Advisor app and use it to stay under the limit.

With the school holiday season still underway, drivers will notice more high visibility police out on our roads. Drivers are reminded that the next double demerits period will apply from January 25 to 29 for the Australia Day long weekend.

The 2016 road toll is preliminary at this stage and may change as a result of police investigations or coroner’s findings. The final road toll will be able to be confirmed later in the year.