Far West Initiative Consultation Sessions

23 Sep 2016 9:08 AM -

Council’s representative on the Far West Initiative Advisory Committee, Cr McKinnon, said that each of the meetings was well attended by residents of the Shire.

“Notwithstanding the short notice given to the GM it was clear that the residents were very keen to hear what the proposed model for the Far West was and what it would mean for the Wentworth Shire and its Council,” Cr McKinnon said.

The State Government presenters conducted open sessions seeking comments about the proposal and how it or other models could assist the Council in the context of the Far West region.

Cr McKinnon went on to say that over 160 residents and staff attended the sessions and some of the questioning of the presenters was certainly robust.

“I am confident that the presenter took away valuable feedback from the community which will inform the Government of concerns and issues to address.”

Residents were adamant that the deadline of 14 October  needed to be extended and to provide the community with the changes proposed by the Government as a result of the consultations.  

The General Manager, Mr Kozlowski, said that he hoped the deadline for submission was pushed back as Council intends to conduct its own public meetings after I have had a chance to brief the new Council about the initiative.  “Council will also develop a model for consideration by the Minister and this will take into account feedback provided by the community at these consultations meetings,” he said.