Cancer Council Information and Support Services

1 Jan 2017 12:36 PM -

Cancer Council is here to support people this festive season

The holiday season can pose many challenges for people who are affected by cancer. At a time which is traditionally full of fun and cheer, feelings of loneliness, isolation and sadness are more common than people think. 

As the only organisation to work across every area of every cancer, Cancer Council has a range of information and support services available to assist during this festive season.

The new Cancer Council Online Community provides people currently living with cancer, cancer survivors, families, carers and the wider cancer community the opportunity to connect, share experiences and find information and support in a safe forum. It’s available to local residents 24/7 and from any online device, regardless of their location or travel distance from physical support groups. 

Cancer Council NSW’s Lead Supportive Care Manager, Hannah Baird said the Online Community aims to reduce isolation by encouraging people affected by cancer to share their stories and build meaningful online relationships with other people in similar situations.

“What we are seeing through our peer support programs is more and more people are now turning to digital platforms for information and support, to connect with others who can relate to what they are experiencing.”

On average per month, there are over 30,500 searches on Google for cancer related terms such as ‘living with cancer’, ‘support groups’, ‘I’ve just been diagnosed’, ‘treatment and side effects’ and more[1].

“The new platform is designed to complement existing Cancer Council NSW information and support services, connecting people with each other in real time, regardless of when they seek information, or where they live. The entire website is also moderated and community managed by qualified health professionals – which is particularly beneficial during this time of year when support can be limited,” said Ms Baird.

The Cancer Council 13 11 20 telephone information and support service is free, confidential and also available over the holiday period*. Specially trained staff are available to answer questions about cancer and offer emotional or practical support from anyone affected by cancer - including cancer patients, people living with cancer, their families, carers and friends, teachers, students and healthcare professionals.

“For those who find comfort in speaking with someone one-on-one, we also offer over the phone peer support through our Cancer Connect program. Our trained volunteers can listen with a unique understanding and share their experience to provide practical information and emotional support for people in the region,” added Ms Baird.

Using the range of services available, people affected by cancer can discuss their experiences and share stories, tips and coping strategies to help normalise concerns and reduce social isolation this festive period.

For more information about Cancer Council Online Community, visit: