ANZAC Day Services

20 Apr 2017 10:49 AM - Tuesday 25 April 2017

Dawn Service – Wentworth – 5.55am – The Wentworth and RSL ANZAC Day Dawn Service will commence at 5.55am at the Cenotaph on the corner of Sandwych and Darling Streets, Wentworth. 

Morning Service – Curlwaa – 9am – The Curlwaa RSL ANZAC Day Service will commence at 9am at the Curlwaa Memorial Hall – 40 Memorial Street Curlwaa.

Morning Service – Wentworth – 10.45am – The ANZAC Day march will commence at 10.45am and will proceed from the corner of Adelaide Street and Darling Street, to the Cenotaph on the corner of Darling Street and Sandwych Street.  There will be a free BBQ after the service at the Wentworth Wharf, provided by the Wentworth Public School and Pomona Public School.

Morning Service – Pooncarie – 11am – The Pooncarie Service will commence at 11.00am from the Telegraph Hotel to Tarcoola Street to the Cenotaph at Bilbarka Memorial Park.


Wentworth – Residents and ratepayers are advised that Darling Street, between Sandwych Street and Helena Street, will be temporarily closed from 5.30am to 11.30am on Tuesday 25 April 2017 for ANZAC Day services.  Temporary interruptions may also occur during the ANZAC Day service to the Silver City Highway, including the Wentworth Bridge and Darling Street between Sandwych Street and Adelaide Street.

Pooncarie – Residents and ratepayers are advised that Pooncarie Road between McKinlay Street and Burke Street will be temporarily closed from 10.30am to 11.45am. Detours will be in place.

 Peter Kozlowski